Trump Told Reporters That “40 Or 50 Thousand People” Showed Up To His Rally Even Though Total Capacity For Venue Was Under 12 Thousand

He's getting worse.

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Donald Trump is obsessed with crowd sizes, even if it’s an imaginary number in his head. This has been an ongoing issue with this “president” as he continues to seek admiration. Just one day after his inauguration, Trump spoke at CIA headquarters and made the controversial claim that “one of the networks” had shown “an empty field,” while he saw a crowd that “looked like a million-and-a-half people” and “went all the way back to the Washington Monument.” Trump insisted that “we caught [the media] in a beauty, and I think they’re going to pay a big price.” That was Trump’s first day as “president” and he has now told approximately 16,000 lies since then.

Trump told reporters on Tuesday that there were “probably 40 or 50,000 people” at his rally in New Hampshire that was actually held in a venue with a capacity of 11,770 attendees.



For Trump’s claim to be true, he would have had to have 29-39,000 people outside of the arena who he was counting in his total. That seems highly unlikely. There’s always this explanation:

The guy has such a massive ego that it always needs to be fed.

I see empty spaces in the back:

Trump, a habitual liar, suggested at his rally that former President Barack Obama should be impeached for what he considers to be a lie.

From there, he talked to reporters and lied about his crowd size. Trump took irony and stabbed it repeatedly with a rusty fork until it was dead. The worst part of this isn’t just the liar himself; it’s Trump’s supporters who eat his falsehoods up without blinking an eye. Every word a president utters is important — or at least it used to be. His words should matter, and the leader of the free world isn’t supposed to be a carnival barker.

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