Trump: “There’s A Lot Of Women Out There That Demand That The Husband Act Like The Wife…It’s Just Not For Me”

I've almost felt sorry for this idiot a couple of times.

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Despite the fact that there’s a global pandemic, the fact is, Americans still have a lot to be grateful for. I don’t mean to minimize how hard some people have it during this crisis at all, but I do hope to foster some kind of gratitude that we’re not, say, Italy or something like that. And if you’re quarantined with someone you love, it’s even easier to do because you have an in-person reminder of something you’re truly grateful for.

But some people just don’t understand gratitude. I guess you know what comes next: Donald Trump.

Every time I think about him with his family, the dynamic there just baffles me. I am a dad and my kids got so much love from me that they’ll never have a single doubt about my pride in them, my pleasure at seeing them grow and succeed, and my gratitude for what they add to the world.


With Trump, it’s hard to imagine that was ever a factor, and in fact, there’s not much imagining to do — he’s made it clear through interviews throughout the years that he has never been close to his children, because he doesn’t see that as his traditional gender role.

As a matter of fact, Buzzfeed found an interview from 2005 in which Trump told the hosts of radio’s Opie and Anthony that he didn’t even change diapers:

No, I don’t do that. There’s a lot of women out there that demand that the husband act like the wife, and you know, there’s a lot of husbands that listen to that. So you know, they go for it. If I had a different type of wife I probably wouldn’t have a baby, ya know, cause that’s not my thing. I’m really, like, a great father, but certain things you do and certain things you don’t. It’s just not for me.”

That’s especially hard for me to read because, with my youngest kid, I changed literally all of his diapers. I was in the very fortunate position of being at home with the kids and I got to feed my son and change him and sing to him and build the kind of bond that even now that he’s 21 years old is completely unbreakable.

Most days I feel angry at Donald Trump. But on days when family feels most important, I just feel sad for him.

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