Trump Tells His Twitter Followers “They’re After You,” Americans Respond: “You Are The Nightmare”

He is absolutely bonkers.

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Donald Trump did what he does best when he unleashed a meme on Twitter to his massive following: Dividing this country even more. The president previously posted this meme on the day the House impeached him. “In reality, they’re not after me they’re after you. I’m just in the way,” the meme containing fourteen words reads. That’s a particularly disturbing meme for many reasons. At any rate, Trump took to Twitter to complain that “they” are coming after his supporters.

Trump has found himself at the centerpiece of another scandal, so instead of dealing with Russia putting bounties on our soldiers’ heads, he tweeted out a sinister-looking image of himself and told his rabid base that we’re coming for them.


Twitter users pounced.

Trump is certainly not “in the way” of Putin putting out hits on American soldiers. Trump is certainly not “in the way” of the coronavirus pandemic as it ravages the United States. Trump is “in the way” of saving our country.

Featured image via Flickr/Michael Vadon, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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