Trump Suggests The Military Should Look At Disciplinary Action Against Lt. Col. Vindman, Who Provided Testimony In Hearings

He's reached a new low this time.

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As soon as Donald Trump secured his acquittal in the GOP-stacked Senate, he began to enact his plans for revenge against all those whom he felt slighted him throughout his impeachment process — something we all knew was on the horizon from the very day House Speaker Pelosi announced the formal inquiry.

Donald kicked off his vendetta against his perceived enemies by terminating the employment of as many impeachment hearing witnesses he could get away with — starting with the ousting of Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, who served as the Director for European Affairs for the United States National Security Council until just a few days ago, as well as booting his twin brother along with him who wasn’t even involved in the hearing process.

United States Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland was also terminated from his position as a result of his testimony in the House impeachment hearings.


But unsurprisingly, it seems that firing the individuals who he feels helped forever mar his name with the label of “impeachment” wasn’t enough to slake Donald’s thirst for blood.

From the Oval Office this evening, Donald Trump called on the United States military to issue their own disciplinary actions against Lt. Col. Vindman as a consequence of defying him — according to reporting from Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason, who was in on the meeting at the time of the statement.

It seems that Donald doesn’t understand that the military of this nation isn’t his personal play toy to do with whatever he wishes. He can’t simply demand that they issue punishments for something he perceived as a slight against him. Especially not when, in all reality, the individual did nothing more than lawfully abide by a Congressional subpoena.

They are not at his disposal to just divvy out punishments to Purple Heart recipients as he sees fit.

When are these supporters of his going to realize that they should be ashamed of this man they call a president?

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