Trump Spews Incorrect Stats About Border Wall As Ted Cruz Nods His Head In Agreement Like A Lunatic

This footage makes me so nauseous.

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Donald Trump may have a face that makes many Americans instantly want to throw their fist into it (aside from his disastrous presidency and the way he’s ruining America). But there’s one Republican that has had the most punchable face in Congress long before him — Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz has earned the reputation of being the least likable Senator, even amongst his own party — so he and Trump instantly have something in common because Trump is the least liked person on the planet right now. And having these two idiots standing side by side creates an energy that has left many Americans feeling disgusted and dirty.

Recently, the president spewed some extremely dangerous, irresponsible lies as part of his crusade to get his border wall funding. Speaking to Border Patrol, Trump said:


They have done a fantastic job. Never so many apprehensions, ever, in our history.”

This is, of course, a lie — border apprehensions are actually at their lowest since the early 1970s. But of course, Cruz cosigned on this nonsense, creepily nodding his head in agreement with Trump and giving Trump’s old nickname for him, “Lyin’ Ted Cruz,” an entirely new meaning. You can watch these two idiots below (and try not to laugh at Cruz’s new facial hair):

While Trump’s lies are revolting and extremely damaging to the country, one can’t help but be even more disgusted by the way Republicans like Cruz continue to stand by him. Trump has spent so much time insulting Cruz and others that it is truly repulsive to see them continue to back him and allow him to destroy the country. Republicans have been known to be absolutely spineless, but they’ve really proven it with the way they’ve bent over for Trump and let him do or say whatever the hell he wants. At this point, the GOP can no longer blame its downfall solely on Trump — it’s also on every Republican who refused to check him.

Featured image via screen capture

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