Trump Spends New Year’s Day Mocking Four Star General, Calls Him “Dumb” And Compares Him To A Dog

It's officially the New Year now that Trump's freaking out again.

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The West Coast is still waking up from New Year’s festivities, but Trump has been hard at work all morning on crafting his 2019 Twitter image — which, unsurprisingly, looks a lot like his 2012-2018 Twitter image — including some of his greatest hits.

Here’s one praising a guy who to this day wears Nazi medals on the lapels of his jackets in media appearances:


Here’s one that looks like it was sent by your racist uncle Wally, whose alcoholism is so legendary people send his liver get well cards:

Then there’s the classic “Act like nothing just happened” tweet:

And so on and so forth, mostly about the border wall that he’s never going to build and a couple of lies about world leaders sending him messages that they’re definitely not sending him.

But then Trump really gets back into gear: Ultra Media Mode™, when he takes what some right-wing idiot on TV just said and amplifies it to his unhinged supporters. In this case, it’s a tweet from disgraced former radio personality Laura Ingraham, who only just lost her radio show yesterday after being dumped by countless advertisers and becoming ultimately too toxic to even carry anywhere but her only remaining show — on Fox News.

Ingraham referenced retired Four-Star General Stanley McChrystal, who, in an interview on ABC’s This Week, told host Martha Raddatz that he would never take a job in the Trump administration because Trump is dishonest and “immoral” in his opinion.

Trump, of course, had to weigh in as well:

One scarcely knows where to begin with this tweet. Is it a Commander in Chief mocking a high-ranking military officer? Is it Trump’s clear dislike of dogs, as evidenced by his constant use of the phrase “like a dog” to mean something bad happened to someone? Is it the clever use of quotes around McChrystal’s title, indicating he’s not a “REAL” General?

Whatever the case, President Dollhands is starting the year strong, with some particularly on-brand tweeting right out the gate.

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