Trump Sounded Like A True Dictator On National Television: “The Power Of The President Of The United States Is Total”

This is horrifying.

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Just when you thought Donald Trump’s meltdowns during his nationally-televised COVID-19 briefings couldn’t get any scarier, he accidentally vocalizes exactly what we all feared he actually thought: That he has utter and complete control over everything that happens in the United States.

The statement came in response to the national conversation we’ve been having over how and when we should “open America back up” for business, relaxing social distancing orders and authorizing the opening of businesses that have been deemed non-essential during the state of emergency the country’s been living under for weeks upon weeks now.

At issue was the fact that many governors of hard-hit states have pushed back on Trump’s seeming desire to do so sooner rather than later, since every health expert including those on Trump’s own panel has said that resuming “normal” activities too soon would send America spiraling back into rising infection rates.


Trump even went so far as to express that he believed he had the authority to reopen even areas that didn’t want to relax their restrictions yet, calling into question whether or not the president understands the Tenth Amendment.

But at a press conference, Trump took it a step further, and for all intents and purposes declared himself a dictator. Or rather, it seemed as though he wasn’t personally trying to claim the power of a dictator, but indicating that he believes the presidency itself grants total, singular executive power:

That, frankly, is terrifying.

During the exchange with the reporter in that clip, Trump mentions some “Democratic Governors” — we are left to assume he’s referring to the executives of the three west coast states, Washington, Oregon, and California, who have entered into a pact as to when the three states will resume normal activities.

But the fact that he thinks he can override the will of governors of individual states with a federal mandate that would put the citizens of those states at an extreme health risk sends a devastating message about what he thinks the presidency even means.

What’s more, the Vice President either shares that view or is so terrified to challenge Trump on that view that he basically echoed the same sentiment:

Buckle up, folks. It’s a long way to November.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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