Trump Snaps At Reporter Over Question About Election: “You Know Nothing About My Energy…Listen, You Know Nothing About What I Do”

He's such a child.

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Look, Donald Trump really wants to win this election, okay? Frankly, he’s never been one to take well to losing. And given that every reputable poll over the last several weeks is predicting a landslide loss for Don the Con, with only 94 days left until the election, it comes as no real surprise that the dude is getting extra desperate these days.

So, while people across the country were terrified and angry and disgusted when Trump took to his Twitter yesterday to suggest that this nation delay its election for the first time in history to give him a better shot at taking home a win, it’s pretty safe to say that no one was really all that flabbergasted.

Frankly, we’ve been trying to warn everyone of exactly this since inauguration day.


But don’t think for a second that we’re not still looking for answers from the guy who’s quite literally trying to steal the democratic process away from the American public because he can’t stand the shame and embarrassment of admitting that everyone hates his guts.

Today, Trump met with reporters and delivered remarks from the White House. And NBC’s White House correspondent, Peter Alexander, wasn’t wasting any time in asking the real questions.

Bringing up Trump’s supposed frustration with the length of time it will take to count up mail-in ballots, Alexander questioned the president as to why we’re not devoting more time and energy to making sure that states are more thoroughly funded for their elections to avoid such problem.

However, Trump responded in the same way Trump always responds — with a hissy fit.

“Peter, you know nothing about my energy, okay?” Donald shot back, clearly offended. “You know nothing about what I’m doing. Listen, you know nothing about what I do.”

He then quickly turned to attack the network that Alexander works for.

Because that’s just how Trump rolls.

I feel like there’s a temper tantrum switch in Trump’s brain, one that flips on the moment he’s asked a legitimate question that he’s unable to comprehend.

Here’s the deal, Donnie. No one really gives a single damn what you “do” or anything about your “energy.” The fact of the matter is, our election ain’t moving. Deal with it.

Featured image via Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

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