Trump Shouts At Reporters During Racist Speech, “Quiet, Quiet, QUIET!”

He can't stand to be challenged!

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Donald Trump is on a racist roll here lately. Over the weekend he sent out a series of disgusting tweets in which he told several Congresswomen of color to go back where there came from — which is pretty much the OG racist insult.

But since the outrage that ensued after his social media outburst has seemingly done nothing to stanch his hate-fueled rhetoric. In fact, now he’s just taking it public.

During a speaking engagement at his “Made in America” event, Donald continued to lob his hateful, racist remarks, not only against the congresswomen but took the opportunity to claim that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is actually the racist one because she stated that Donald is attempting to “make America white again.”


And from the sounds of things, the Trumpster doesn’t want anyone interrupting his discriminatory and prejudice tirade.

As Donald was in the midst of his childish and immature “they can leave” rant, reporters attempted to question the president over a myriad of different things, namely asking him if he’s okay with people labeling his tweets from this weekend as racist.

And he was having no part of it. Evidently, the questions made Donnie big mad, as his face grew more and more frustrated until he blew up at the reporters, screaming “Quiet! Quiet! Quiet! QUIET!”

You could literally watch the anger wash over his face as he blew his stack on those questioning his racist ways.

It’s becoming more and more clear that Donald Trump yearns for the life of a dictator — where he can say whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and behead those that dare to question or interrupt him.

You can watch the clip here:

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