Trump Sent Out Middle Of The Night Tweet In Which He Appeared To Incite Violence Against Protesters He Called “Thugs”

I don't remember him ever calling the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville 'thugs.'

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President Donald Trump posted another late-night Twitter rant, this time calling black protesters “thugs” and threatening to have the National Guard or possibly the US military shoot them dead.

Just the night before, Trump shared a video of one of his supporters calling for killing Democrats.

Trump thanked the person who said it. But he went even further in response to protests over the police killing of George Floyd by threatening to send in the National Guard to quell the mass demonstrations that have started to spiral due to the anger over the officers not being arrested or charged with murder.


Trump began by attacking Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, who is trying to handle the situation without resorting to bloodshed.

And then Trump let the racism fly by calling the protesters “thugs” and suggested that he will order the National Guard to shoot them.

Americans swiftly expressed disgust and called out Trump’s racist post.

Twitter even actually slapped Trump’s second tweet with a label for glorifying violence, something the social media company has not done before but is apparently doing now in response to Trump’s executive order in retaliation of Twitter fact-checking him.

Trump’s racist tweet and threat of violence against black protesters should be enough for the National Guard or military to refuse to follow any order he gives them. This could have all been avoided had the officers been arrested and prosecuted in the first place — or by Officer Derek Chauvin simply not murdering George Floyd. But Trump is only making things worse as usual and it appears he may try to start a race war. Just another reason why he needs to be defeated in November.

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