Trump Seems To Think He Discovered That Abraham Lincoln Was A Republican: “Nobody Ever Heard Of It Before I Came Along”

He is painfully stupid.

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Donald Trump has become a parody of himself. It’s almost as if this president is trying to give comedian Sarah Cooper even more material to work with. Trump landed in Florida after explaining that he was canceling his rally in New Hampshire due to concerns over the weather — even though that is false.  Trump was likely more worried that a bunch of TikTok teens would own him again, and his rally attendance would not be brag-worthy, so his ego would take another hit, and we can’t have that.

Who knows, but according to Trump, we owe it to him that America now knows that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican — even though everyone knows that already. Trump spoke in Doral, Florida, where he fed us some nuggets of wisdom about our country’s sixteenth president. Things we never knew, you guys.

“Like people don’t remember — nobody ever heard of it until I came along, nobody remembered it for a long time or they didn’t use it at least. I use it all the time: Abraham Lincoln was a Republican,” Trump proudly claimed. “You know you say that and people say, ‘I didn’t know that.’”



Twitter lit up.

I’m going to go out on a limb here to suggest that Trump just learned that Lincoln was a Republican. Well, there are a few other things Trump should learn about that would blow his mind. Like, he should get his son Barron or someone smarter than him that knows how to use  the Internet to look into when the parties shifted, then Google “Southern Strategy.”

Featured image via Michael Vadon/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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