Trump Seems To Imply During His Briefing That The US COVID Numbers Are Actually Good If You Take Out Some Of The Hardest Hit States

Wait, what?

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Donald Trump once again gave a press briefing amid the pandemic crisis, and honestly, at this point, they aren’t worth listening to as he offers false numbers and wild-eyed claims. OK, not at this point exactly — Trump should never have restarted the briefings. The president tried to put a positive spin on our apocalyptic economy, and he tried to do the same with the coronavirus that is still rampaging across the United States. There is a lot to unpack here.

NBC’s Yamiche Alcindor asked Trump about his views on testing.

“You said there can be too much testing,” she said. “What could possibly be wrong with testing people too much for the virus and why not give a date on when all Americans will have access to same-day testing?”


And Trump once again claimed that the more tests that are done, the more cases we will have.

“It’s expensive, and the more you test, the more cases you have,” he said.

OK, so from there, Trump offered another bizarre claim to say that a lot of the bad US numbers were because New York and New Jersey had a bad time, and “when you take them out,” “our numbers are among the lowest.”

It’s as if Trump doesn’t realize that those states are part of this country. And, remarkably, Trump didn’t acknowledge the red states that are being hammered with the disease.


So, if I take out the five pounds I gained while sheltering at home, then I really haven’t gained any weight, right? It’s not really part of my body then. None of what he just said makes sense. It’s as if Axios’ Jonathan Swan is still interviewing the president. Trump cannot focus for a minute, and meanwhile, people are dying while he’s trying to divide us. He did, of course, lash out at Democratic-led states, too, and that’s not what this country needs right now.

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