Trump Seems To Claim People Are Dying “In Even Greater Numbers” From Suicide And Drug Overdoses Than From Coronavirus

No. Not even close.

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In a press briefing from the White House Rose Garden intended to update Americans on the state of testing for coronavirus in our nation — something the president has been claiming for weeks was superior to almost all other countries combined — Trump spun his usual platter of misstatements, misdirection, and mistruths in an effort to minimize the urgency of the crisis and maximize his own praise for himself and his response.

You’ve seen it all before by now, and you’ve heard the nonsense he’s floated about acting early and saving lives, and you’ve watched him claim with a straight face that “models” showed we were going to lose more than 2 million people to this pandemic, but never mentioning that those were the models that assumed we did absolutely nothing in response to the outbreak.

Earlier today, Trump tweeted that Democratic politicians were dragging their feet on reopening state economies purely because they wanted to damage him politically in the run-up to the November election. But when asked by a reporter at the briefing how he might respond to accusations that his own response has been politically motivated, Trump shifted the conversation.


But what he pivoted to during that answer was galling.

Part of me wishes that Republicans would just come out and say they think the economy is more important than American lives. If they’d just do that, we could be spared ridiculous comparisons like the one Trump made in order to compare reopening versus remaining closed. He literally said that state economies staying closed was killing people, possibly at a greater rate than coronavirus.

People are dying in the lockdown position too … You look at drug addiction, you look at suicides, you look at some of the things that are taking place. People are dying that way too, you could make that case that it’s in even greater numbers.”

No, Donald. In no universe are there more people committing suicide and overdosing at greater rates than at which Americans are dying of the coronavirus. It is literally the number one cause of death in America right now according to the CDC. Suicide and drug abuse don’t crack the top ten.

Watch the president make his ridiculous claim:

Yes, Mr. President. People still commit suicide. But that’s not contagious.

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