Trump Seems To Believe Americans Think 2020 Democratic Candidates Are So Bad That They Caused Stock Market To Crash

Oh good God.

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There are times when a topic comes up — like say, a looming global pandemic — and you think to yourself, “There’s no way on earth Donald Trump could somehow link this tragedy and surrounding effects to Democrats.”

You might have even thought that more than once. But let me tell you: You’ve been wrong every time.

Today, after Trump finished giving a strange, stilted briefing to the assembled press at the White House regarding the coronavirus outbreak during which he named Vice President Mike Pence the “czar” in charge of dealing with it, he ended up taking questions from reporters, and queries about the drastically diving Dow Jones Industrial Average were inevitable. I mean, Trump had to be expecting them — he essentially uses the stock market as a prop to compensate for any proof that average Americans are doing any better despite the fact that nearly 85 percent of stocks are owned by the wealthiest ten percent of Americans.


Nevertheless, the question came up, since the precipitous fall came over the last two days, as talk of the virus spreading has terrified the global markets — literally all economists attribute the decline to the coronavirus.

That’s not what Donald thinks, though. He thinks perhaps that the stock market mini-crash that began on Monday was partially the result of the Democratic debate in South Carolina (that happened on Tuesday).

“I really think the stock market is something I know a lot about,” the President said, “I think it took a hit maybe for two reasons: I think that they look at the people you watched debating last night, and they say ‘If there’s even a possibility that can happen,’ I think it really takes a hit because of that.”

I don’t think he really thought that through, since, if the idea of a Democratic presidency actually DID affect the markets, it would have shown that was favorable to people — the decline was much, much smaller on the day of the debate than it was before there were any Democrats standing on stage to reassure America that it won’t always be governed by a moron.

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