Trump Seems To Be Renting Out Our Military To Saudi Arabia: “They’re Paying Us For Everything”

This has always been his business model.

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Cause and effect is a concept that President Donald Trump struggles with. At times he loves to cause things but hates the effect. Others, he loves the effect of something but doesn’t understand the cause. Logic is not a thing that’s taught anymore, unfortunately, and even if it was, Trump wouldn’t see the logic in taking the class.

So it’s unsurprising that Trump is sending thousands of American troops into Saudi Arabia to “defend against Iran” without recognizing the fact that the oil-rich kingdom wouldn’t need any such defense had Trump himself not ended the nuclear deal with Iran negotiated by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

What bothers me, though, is that Trump has zero compunction about telling people exactly what he loves about it: Money. That’s tough for me because war profiteering is something that African warlords and movie villains and people named Cheney do, not presidents of my United States.


His disingenuous explanations about wanting to end “the endless wars” by allowing Turkey to invade Syria against the Kurds (and our special forces) are brushed aside not by the illogic of him vetoing the end of use of force in Yemen or sending in more troops here, but by the fact that in both cases, despite ramping up war efforts, his actions are to benefit a nation that is paying him money.

What’s more, Trump seems to think we should be excited about essentially renting out American forces to Saudi Arabia — which some of you may remember as the country that produced 15 of the 19 hijackers from 9/11 — because it’s the first time a President has ever gotten a country to literally pay for our help, like some libertarian drop-a-quarter-in-a-cop-car dream.

Just listen to this bullshit:

So we’re death for hire now? The Founders are rolling in their graves.

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