Trump Seemed To Embarrass Himself In a Meeting With President Of Iraqi Kurdistan By Mistaking Him For Leader Of Syrian Kurds

I keep thinking he can't get dumber and then he mistakes someone's identity to their FACE.

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In an stunning display of ignorance on Wednesday during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Donald Trump once again seemed to not forget but be completely unaware of who he was talking to as he mistook Iraqi Kurdistan President Nerchirvan Barzani as the leader of the Syrian Kurds, a difference as big as mistaking a Palestinian for an Israeli.

Trump was using his boilerplate talking points when sitting next to any world leader, claiming successes and hyping up how well “we’re working together” between the US and whoever it is he’s next to at the time. But he seemed to have at least some awareness of who Kurds are (finally), since he did address “safe zones” in Syria and Turkey — which exist, but have nothing to do with the man he was speaking to.

Trump went on to tout the “total defeat” of the caliphate in the Levant, which Barzani agreed with him on as he attempted to allow Trump to save face by simply talking past the mistaken identity issue. Barzani thanked Trump for his “leadership” in the region — something that has a very different meaning for Iraqi Kurds than for Syrian Kurds, and which I’m sure Trump loves to conflate together, seeing himself as a savior of the Syrian Kurds when in reality he got them massacred.


Perhaps most troubling was Trump’s continued statements about having “the oil” — a reference to Trump’s view that as a form of “payment” for security services rendered in the Middle East, the United States should be entitled to capture and maintain oil reserves in the region.

This, of course, would be a war crime under the heading of “spoils of war” that is universally unacceptable. We legally don’t get to take anyone’s oil, whether Donald Trump thinks we’re entitled to it or not.

The synopsis from our social media friend Jon Cooper summed up the meeting succinctly:

Why can’t we have a normal President? Because Republicans are apparently now content to babysit, rather than legislate.

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