Trump Says Since His Acquittal, He Spends His Time Thinking About Nixon And Looking At His Portrait

I can't stop cringing.

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Evidently, Donald Trump seems to think that anyone, anywhere on the face of the Earth gives a single damn about how he fills his days ever since he finally got that undeserved acquittal he’s been banking on since the very first day that his formal impeachment inquiry was announced.

Spoiler alert: Absolutely no one does. Even the people that claim they do, I can almost guarantee you, they don’t.

But of course, that does absolutely nothing to keep Donald from telling us all about it anyway. Because that’s what self-absorbed, pompous, blowhard pricks do — make everything possible about themselves.


Trump recently sad down for an interview with Geraldo Rivera, Fox News host of the “Roadkill” podcast, and explained that he spends his post-impeachment days much like he did him pre-impeachment days — doing absolutely nothing productive or important in any way.

“Well, it’s a terrible thing, and, you know, I think of Nixon more than anybody else, and what that dark period was in our country,” Trump replied when Rivera questioned how he was feeling after being impeached in December only to be acquitted by the Senate last week. “And the whole thing with the tapes and the horror show.”

“It was dark, and it went on for a long time,” he continued. “And I watched it”

Trump went on to admit that he spends a good portion of his time following the public impeachment scandal simply admiring his forerunner’s presidential portrait in the White House.

“I would always think — well, every time in the White House, I pass this beautiful portrait of various presidents, right?” he mused. “But the portrait of Richard Nixon, I sort of — I don’t know. It’s a little bit of a different feeling than I get from looking at the other portraits of presidents.”

I would say that “little bit of a different feeling” is a direct result of the fact that Donald knows he’s exactly like him — a corrupt, criminal stain on the face of this nation.

You can listen to the podcast here:

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