Trump Says He “Can’t Imagine Why” There’s A Spike Of Disinfectant Use After His Comments

What a nutbag.

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Donald Trump says he’s not taking any responsibility for the spike in disinfectant use that’s been reported in numerous states since he made comments last week to suggest that injecting disinfectants would be a cool way to cure the novel coronavirus that has brought our country to a standstill. A sitting president’s words matter, and it’s interesting to watch Trump supporters try to spin their leader’s words, but he said it. It’s just that simple.

“The disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute and– is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside, or almost a cleaning,” Trump said last week. “It gets in the lungs”

When  Trump said that he would consider exploring the use of injecting disinfectants into the body to treat COVID-19 patients, the medical community was shocked due to the dangerous and irresponsible implications of the president’s suggestion. Trump’s followers cling to the president’s words. So, a spike in calls for exposure to specific household cleaners and disinfectants increased in several states, including in New York, Maryland, and Illinois.


During Trump’s unfortunate presser on Monday in which the president appeared to be high as fuck, White House correspondent Brian Karem asked the former reality show star about the spike in disinfectant use following his comments last week. Trump somehow said he “can’t imagine why…I can’t imagine” why that happened.


Trump has never taken responsibility for anything in his life. And during his presidency, the former frozen steak salesman has repeatedly blamed others for his failures, including his predecessor, former President Barack Obama. But Trump cannot blame the words that come out of his own mouth on anyone but himself. Following Trump’s disturbing and dangerous remarks, the president abruptly stopped holding the daily pressers to update the country on the fight against the pandemic.

People in Trump’s orbit know he fucked up and must have had a word with the president after the backlash. After all, the election is right around the corner, and that’s all Trump cares about.

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