Trump Said On Tuesday “I Don’t Watch The Stock Market” — Trump Today: “The Stock Market Today, As You Know, It’s Up 325”

Wait, President Liar Pants LIED?

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You guys, I’m starting to think that maybe that Donald Trump guy is a liar. The former reality show star knows a mark when he sees one, and the millions of voters who supported him have been conned, and they either know about it and they don’t care, or they are painfully stupid.

With a looming impeachment becoming increasingly more likely while Trump attended the NATO summit in London, the “president” claimed that he pays no attention to the stock market despite evidence to the contrary. “If the stock market goes up or down — I don’t watch the stock market. I watch jobs,” Trump said at the summit after stocks fell sharply.

Trump has repeatedly referenced the market’s growth since he became “president” at his rallies, and he tweeted about the stock market more than a dozen times in November.


When the markets are doing well, the “president” tweets about that in hopes to boost his approval rating, or at least keep his supporters happy. But when the stock market is down, Trump remains unusually quiet.

On Tuesday, Trump said, “I don’t watch the stock market.”

And on Friday, Trump said, “The stock market today, as you know, it’s up 325.”


Trump’s lies are easily fact-checked just by going through his Twitter timeline.

And he dropped this tweet today:

Trump lies so casually with no regard for the truth or reality. That video mashup is a perfect illustration of Trump’s penchant for lying. At this point, if you support Trump and still take him at his word, congratulations, you are the mark. Now, don’t you feel stupid? Trump actually manipulates the market, too.

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