Trump Resurrects ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape In Crazy Meltdown, Reminds America He Still Won Election

It's like he's shoving it in all of our faces.

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Donald Trump continues to be his own worst enemy. The president not only lacks the self control to prevent himself from practically handing Special Counsel Robert Mueller more evidence against him in his investigations, but the president is also incapable of staying silent on many of his biggest controversies.

Remember how Trump’s infamous “grab ’em by the p*ssy” Access Hollywood tape nearly destroyed him and sparked a movement against him? Well, Trump just couldn’t leave it alone despite the fact that he somehow managed to move past it thanks to his many other high profile scandals.

Today, the president freaked out and attacked NBC for secretly recording his comments, in which he bragged about sexually assaulting women. In an interview with the Daily Caller, Trump whined about how the tape was “worse than CNN with Harvey Weinstein” and said that it was “illegal” (so is sexually assaulting women, Trump). Despite the fact that the evidence was perfectly clear in the footage, Trump is still trying to deny his comments. He said:


NBC is very dishonest in its reporting of me. [Lack] runs an organization which as far as its reporting on me is very dishonest.”

Trump also continued to question whether or not the tape was legitimate, which is honestly pathetic at this point. He said:

There’s even questions about the tape, there’s many things going on.”

Trump also stated that he’d been preparing a lawsuit against NBC for leaking the tape. Then, he rubbed in the fact that he’d won the election in spite of the damaging footage, and could no longer proceed with the lawsuit:

I had a lawsuit prepared, a lawsuit that was prepared to be filed against NBC because they leaked that tape. I had a lawyer hired to bring a suit right after the election ended, but one problem arose. I won the election.”

As if America needed any reminders that we currently have a rapist in the White House.

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