Trump Responds To Reporter Question On Whether He Asked DOJ To Change Roger Stone Sentencing Recommendation: “I’d Be Able To If I Wanted, I Have The Absolute Right To Do It”

He truly believes he can't be wrong.

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The nation gasped in horror today as we collectively watched yet another erosion of the rule of law, ethical behavior, and judicial and legal propriety: Department of Justice prosecutors amended a statement to the judge in the Roger Stone sentencing they made just yesterday, somehow now arguing that the 7-to-9 years they had initially requested was overkill in relation to the crimes he committed.

That announcement came, most believe not coincidentally, after a tweet from President Trump calling the recommended sentence for his long-suffering (and innocence-proclaiming to this day) pal Stone “horrible and very unfair”:


In fact, many believed at the time of the tweet that Trump was secretly indicating he would pardon Stone at some time most convenient to himself. But that chatter quickly turned after the DOJ’s announcement about the sentencing recommendation adjustment, with most assuming that following Trump’s tweet, he made overtures to the DOJ in order to influence the decision.

Inside the White House today, Reuters reporter Jeff Mason heard a familiar tune that Americans have come to know and dread every time there’s something overtly unethical that appears to be a direct order from the President: I didn’t, but I could have if I’d wanted to.

That was the basis of his entire defense during the impeachment America just watched — that he’d done nothing wrong, but that even if he’d done everything he was accused of, it still wouldn’t have been wrong because he’s the President.

Donald Trump, unfortunately, believes that he has unlimited power due to Article II of the US Constitution.

He doesn’t, of course, but that doesn’t stop him from both believing that he does and acting as though he does, and really the only people who could stop him are Republicans in the Senate — who just proved they’ll never do any such thing.

Then, to REALLY sell the story, Trump buttered it up a tiny bit:

He’s right about one thing: We wouldn’t believe it. We wouldn’t even believe he’d say such a stupid thing if we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes:

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