Trump Reportedly Tried To Pressure National Enquirer To Push His Conspiracy Story About Scarborough, But Tabloid Declined

Once again, Trump gets caught doing something shady to smear a critic.

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Donald Trump’s vendetta against MSNBC host Joe Scarborough reached such desperate depths that he actually pushed the National Enquirer to promote his murder conspiracy theory, only to be turned down because the bar to run it was too low even by the tabloid’s sh*tty standards.

Trump has been accusing Scarborough for weeks of murdering a female staffer who tragically died in his Florida office after she fainted due to a heart condition and hit her head on a desk as she fell.

Despite the accusation, the medical examiner ruled the death accidental, and law enforcement ruled out foul play. In fact, Scarborough was in Washington DC casting votes in Congress at the time the death occurred.


But Trump has gone on pushing it anyway, opening himself up to libel lawsuits from Scarborough and Lori Klausutis’ family.

According to The Daily Beast, Trump has been obsessed with pushing this conspiracy theory against Scarborough since 2017:

Trump started asking White House aides if he should tweet about ‘the dead girl’ — as one of the people recalled the president phrasing it — to get back at his friend-turned-foe ‘Psycho Joe.’ Multiple advisers cautioned against doing so, arguing it was, at the very least, not worth it.”

Trump abandoned the idea of publicly accusing Scarborough of murder at the time, but chose another route by enlisting his son-in-law Jared Kushner to get the National Enquirer to run with it instead. After all, Trump is friends with publisher David Pecker, who notoriously caught and killed various damaging sex scandal stories about Trump over the years.

While Trump remained mostly silent in public, he was more active behind the scenes. His son-in-law and senior White House adviser asked the National Enquirer to pursue the story.

‘Trump through Kushner was begging [Enquirer publisher David] Pecker to do something about Scarborough [and Klausutis’ death],’ a person with direct knowledge of the situation told The Daily Beast. ‘The Enquirer started working on a story at their behest.'”

The problem is that even the National Enquirer wanted nothing to do with the story after it failed to pass the extremely low standards of publication by the tabloid.

“I remember we were looking into it and the story didn’t materialize,” said a person who worked at American Media Inc. (the Enquirer’s publisher) at the time. “We reached out to experts and they dismissed theories that she’d met with foul play or Joe had anything to do with her death. We reached out to her family. The story never went anywhere.”

Of course, a White House official has denied the story.

“This is utterly and completely false. Jared did not speak to the president or the Enquirer about this and any assertion to the contrary is ludicrous on its face,” the official said.

But we all know how much this administration lies.

And even after the tabloid declined to help Trump smear Scarborough, he is still doing it on Twitter and elsewhere, including recently during an interview with Fox News host Brian Kilmeade. Scarborough and Klausutis’ family should not only sue him, Twitter should delete Trump’s account. Because one would hope that Twitter would have higher standards than a cheap tabloid.

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