Trump Reportedly Looking To Replace Several Inspectors General With His Own Cronies In What Experts Warn Is An “Authoritarian Coup”

Tyrannical fascism is here brought to you by Senate Republicans who refused to impeach.

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President Donald Trump is gearing up to fire several inspectors general who provide oversight throughout the federal government and replace them with cronies who will ignore his corruption. It’s a move that experts warn is an “authoritarian coup.”

Trump has already fired two inspectors general in the last week. First, he forced out intelligence community Inspector General Michael Atkinson for passing along whistleblower complaints about his corrupt phone call with Ukraine to Congress. Then he fired the Pentagon inspector general who was set to oversee the trillions of dollars in relief aid passed by Congress to fight the coronavirus pandemic and the economic collapse.

Now, the Daily Beast is reporting that Trump has even more sinister plans to prevent oversight of his misconduct and the misconduct of his lackeys. Specifically, he wants to fire more of the inspectors general and replace them with hardcore supporters who will let him do whatever he wants, such as right-wing extremist Tom Fitton, who often pushes conspiracy theories and defends Trump on Fox News.


Trump himself even admitted to reporters on Tuesday that he has submitted seven nominations for inspector general positions, which means he intends to fire more of them soon.

Several experts have since sounded the alarm, including former Ethics chief Walter Shaub, who wrote a lengthy Twitter thread making it clear what’s going on.

The Brennan Center’s National Task Force on Rule of Law and Democracy chief Rudy Mehrbani and former Senior Director for Counterterrorism at the National Security Council staff Joshua Geltzer also chimed in.

Americans should be frightened — frightened enough that they crawl over that broken glass and through clouds of coronavirus to vote at all costs in November against this tyranny.

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