Trump Reportedly Given Deadlines To Provide DNA In Defamation Lawsuit Connected To Assault Allegations

It's about time!

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Folks, let this serve as your gentle reminder that we are currently living in a day and age where the president of this nation has been credibly accused of rape and/or sexual assault more times than I have fingers to count on.

Frankly, this entire country has known that the guy is a piece of shit rapist since way back in his real estate “mogul” days. The fact of the matter is, there’s a pretty large base of folks that just don’t give a damn.

However, now that the “Me Too” movement has finally gained at least some of the steam it deserves and women are getting increasingly fed up with suffering in silence while their abusers walk free and clear, living their best life, several of these people are finally getting a taste of the punishment they deserve.


Harvey Weinstein finally landed his ass in jail. Jeffery Epstein, one of this biggest child trafficking rapists this country has ever seen, was finally on the fast track to paying for his transgressions. And despite his untimely death, his longtime girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell seems to be taking his place.

And now, it looks like it may finally be coming around to Donald Trump’s turn to pay the price.

American journalist and advice columnist E. Jean Carroll broke her silence last year and revealed that she was yet another victim of rape and sexual assault at the hands of Donald Trump.

Of course, Donald and his team were quick to try to discredit and smear her, as he does with everyone who dares to challenge him.

But Carroll is not backing down.

Recently, she decided to go after Donald Trump’s DNA to prove her case against him, and now she’s following through.

In an announcement on her Twitter today, Carroll revealed that Donald Trump officially has a deadline to provide his DNA as well as sit for a deposition regarding her case against him.

I honestly could not be more proud.

It’s high time we stop backing down, we stop being quiet, and we start holding him accountable and making him pay.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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