Trump Picks Ex-Kavanaugh Clerk For The D.C. Circuit Even Though The American Bar Association Said He Was “Not Qualified”

I mean, there's nothing more important going on or anything.

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You can call Mitch McConnell a lot of things, and I’m sure many of them are on the tip of your tongue even now: Traitor, Corrupt, Sellout — believe me, not many people are going to argue with you on any of those terms.

But if there’s one thing he’s always been, it’s consistent. As in, he has consistently been selfish, single-minded, obstructionist, and unconcerned with democracy, fairness, or the rule of law. I guess I’ve got the word “consistent” doing some pretty heavy lifting there.

There’s no better example, however, of Mitch McConnell’s consistency than his push to keep confirming judges to the federal bench while he has a pliable president to nominate the ones that he and his pals at the Federalist Society pick out — judges who oppose women’s rights, affirmative action, wealth equality, racial equality, and every combination of those and many other desirably conservative traits that Republicans want to see the third branch of the US government transformed into.


The latest pick is to fill a vacancy on the DC Circuit Court, and McConnell has in mind a man who’s currently a judge in the Western District of Kentucky — Mitch’s back yard. Justin Walker was essentially nominated for the vacancy on that court as a reward for his ardent and vocal defense of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings.

Oh, did we mention he clerked for Kavanaugh?

Now, despite having done absolutely nothing of note since his October appointment, it seems Walker is graduating to a more important court, one that hears far more cases, all with much greater weight. The problem is, there’s something else that hasn’t changed since Walker waltzed onto the Kentucky bench: He’s still marked as “unqualified to serve” by the American Bar Association.

Back in October, the ABA noted that it was “challenging to determine how much of his ten years since graduation from law school has been spent in the practice of law,” since Walker had never served as lead counsel or even co-counsel on any case of any kind, civil or criminal, ever once in his career.

Imagine being given a job as a Master Mechanic in the second-busiest car repair shop in America — having never performed an oil change.

That’s Justin Walker. And it’s all happening because Mitch doesn’t care about the coronavirus or the economy or unemployment or anything else in the entire universe other than confirming ultraconservative judges.

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