Trump Once Gave A Speech At CIA Headquarters That Was Reportedly So Self-Serving It Left At Least Two CIA Veterans In Tears

He's been making people sick since he very beginning.

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If you’re anything like me, you live pretty much every day of your life with tears in your eyes as you watch Donald Trump completely destroy every facet of the country you once loved. But as it turns out, the “president” of this nation has been bringing people to tears since pretty much the moment he was inaugurated. And I’m not talking about happy tears here.

Recently, the New York Times took a deep dive into the heavily strained relationship between Donald Trump and the United States intelligence community — and it seems as though certain members of certain sectors of the intelligence community in this country have had a hefty amount of disdain for Donald, even long before he let Russia get away with putting bounties on our soldiers’ heads.

According to the report, Donald Trump wasted absolutely no time in filling a few CIA veterans with dread and despair.


On his first full day as president, Trump delivered a speech at CIA headquarters, where he stood in front of a wall adorned with stars meant to honor agents who had died serving their country — a very scared display to the CIA.

And despite the fact that the man had already “won” his bid for the presidency, Trump still managed to turn his speech into a makeshift campaign rally that made stomachs turn.

The Times report reads:

On Jan. 21, 2017, his first full day in office, Trump addressed an audience of agency employees at C.I.A. headquarters in Langley, Va. Standing in front of the agency’s Memorial Wall, an austere slab of marble engraved with more than a hundred stars commemorating the agency officers who died in service to their country — three C.I.A. paramilitary officers had recently been killed in Afghanistan — he proceeded to unleash one of his stream-of-consciousness diatribes. ‘Probably almost everybody in this room voted for me,’ he declared. He complimented himself on his pick for secretary of agriculture and admonished the Bush administration for not having seized Iraq’s oil after invading the country. He bragged about his inauguration speech and repeated his false claims about the mammoth crowd it attracted and his record number of appearances on the cover of Time magazine. He questioned the judgment of whoever it was who had chosen to build the C.I.A. headquarters lobby with so many columns.”

The Times interviewed at least two individuals that were in attendance at the speech that found themselves extremely upset over Trump’s behavior and the realization that this man would remain in “power” over the next four years.

“I was literally in tears,” one senior agency official revealed, “as I watched him standing in the most hallowed place we have — so disconnected, talking about himself, asking why our building had columns.”

A second CIA veteran angrily described Trump’s speech as “a near-desecration of the wall.” Before adding, “I’m tearing up now just thinking about it.”

Long story short, Trump’s reign of terror has been bringing people to anguished tears since literally day one. We cannot get him out fast enough.

Watch the clip here:

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