Trump Official On COVID Outbreaks: “We’re Going To Have Hot Spots, No Question,” And “We Just Have To Live With That”

That's, um, horrifying.

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During a CNBC interview last Monday, Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow told Squawk Box host Becky Quick that there would be “no second wave [of coronavirus infections] coming,” and that he thought it was a “pretty good situation.”

It’s hard to take the National Economic Council Director seriously — partially due to his uncanny resemblance to cartoon bloodhound “Droopy Dog” and partially to his declaration 4 months ago that containment of the pandemic was “pretty close to airtight” and that the economy was “holding up nicely” when he looked at the numbers.

Then later, Kudlow told reporters in person at the White House that “we’re going to have hot spots, no question,” and that “we just have to live with that.”


I wonder, however, which “hot spots” he was talking about. The entire state of California? All of Texas? Florida, which produced something on the order of 24,000 cases in 3 days? And although Kudlow insisted to CNBC that the increased cases were due to increased testing — a la Donald Trump’s logic — the fact is that the rate at which tests turn out positive in those states with new outbreaks, like Texas and Florida, following a partial or mostly full reopening of economic activity, has doubled or tripled over the last month.

There aren’t just more tests being done now, a higher number of tests that ARE done are turning up positive.

But Kudlow going on national television to paint an impossibly rosy picture of the coronavirus and its economic impact is actually indicative of the larger state of denial coming out of the White House. After seeing reports that Trump had his team peel “do not sit” stickers off the seats at his Tulsa rally that were placed there by venue managers to create social distancing, it was clear that any and all messaging from the administration on COVID-19 is very much “nothing to see here.”

It’s like watching a sinking ship, as Trump tells aides to stop measuring the rising water and tells his supporters to take off their life jackets because they look like pansies for being scared of drowning.

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