Trump Loving Pastor Warns Americans If Democrats Win, God Will Unleash His “Final Judgement Upon This Nation”

I think we're willing to risk it at this point.

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Donald Trump has a whole slew of nutcases on his side. If you’re like me, you often find yourself wondering just how in the hell these people convince themselves that this guy is a good idea. What on Earth is their thought process like, their logic? How do they rationalize supporting someone as cruel, as immature, as downright insane as the likes of washed-up reality tv star, Donald Trump?

But nevertheless, the dude’s got several subsets of equally batshit crazy folks in his corner.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, the MAGA base is chock full of yee yee folks who think Donnie will only be taking welfare and food stamps away from the “colored folk.” You’ve got hundreds of thousands of frat boy “Brads” who got their Political Science and Law degrees from Trump University who excuse him with, “Yea, he’s controversial. But just look at the economy!” You’ve got his base of “Women for Trump” who only support him because their husbands or daddies told them to and they’ve never had an individual thought in their entire miserable existence. And then you’ve got… The evangelicals.


Those ones are perhaps the craziest of them all. They scream from every rooftop that Donald is the “Chosen One,” sent my God himself. Yet, the guy’s broken every commandment in the course of one Sunday afternoon.

But whatever their reasoning or logic behind their support is, they’re loud and weird about it.

During an appearance on the radio program Crosstalk this week, The American Pastors Network’s Sam Rohrer reminded us just how maniacally insane this particular subset of MAGA supporters truly are — warning the American public that if Dems get 2020, God will unleash his “final judgment upon the nation for what we have been doing.”

“Will religious freedom, will civil freedom as we have come to enjoy it in this nation, will that look like it does now, will that remain?” Roher questioned the host Jim Schneider. “Will God’s blessing that has been on this nation, will it turn to final judgment upon this nation for what we have been doing? It is my concern, Jim, that if we prayed for what we actually deserved, we wouldn’t be sitting here right now. I’m praying for the mercy of God upon this nation, but it’s got to be led by God’s people.”

“It’s our freedom, it’s our ability to raise our families as we have done it, in the fear of God,” he went on. “It’s the ability to live under a representative republic, a constitutional representative republic founded on a Judeo-Christian biblical worldview that seems to be hanging by a thread. I think all of those things are, right now, hanging and are at risk.”

Are they ALL on copious amounts of Adderall? Seriously. What in the fuck is going on here?

You can listen to the audio here:

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