Trump Landed In Wisconsin And The First Thing He Did Was Sign A Woman’s Shoe

You're not that cool, dude.

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After all of the insane crap Donald Trump has put and will continue to put this country through unless somebody finally puts a stop to him, it can be easy to forget that the man got his start in the likes of televised wrestling and cheesy reality TV.

But don’t fret, Donnie always seems to do something that catapults us all back to 2004 and remind us that a washed-up, talentless hack who can’t even hold his spot on a shitty reality show is currently living it up in our White House.

Trump just landed in Wisconsin today for the sixth time in his presidency, one of two midwestern warm-up stops on his 2020 reelection campaign trail, where he still likes to remind everyone that he somehow managed to nab the state from Clinton despite the fact that she doesn’t have a thing to do with anything anymore. But of course, he’s a cocky bastard and wants to make sure that Wisconsin turns out to be a repeat in the impending election.


While there visiting with a group of cheering MAGA supporters, Trump’s arrogance got the best of him and his old days of signing t-shirts in a WWE parking lot took hold of him. The cheers and smiles seemed to throw him right back into the early 2000s days of trucker hats and cheap autographs, where — quite frankly — his ass should’ve stayed.

Trump was so overcome with nostalgia, in fact, that he actually thought he was someone cool once again and literally put his autograph on a woman’s shoe.

As weird and awkward as the whole ordeal was, it was a pretty nice shoe, honestly. We bet Melania’s wishing she could get a pair just like it instead of the cheap online crap she’s forced to buy now because her husband is a douche and no one wants to put their clothes on her.

Featured image via Political Tribune Gallery 

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