Trump Just Tweeted His Apparent Support For “Bringing The Word ‘Nationalism’ Back Into The Mainstream,” Social Media Users Respond: “Sounds About White”

Can he just stop embarrassing us for one minute, please?

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Just one day after Donald Trump pandered to African-American voters at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, the former reality show star blew that racist dog whistle as loud as he could on Twitter.  Trump has been continuing down his path of dividing this country into little tiny bits. It’s almost as if he does this intentionally for some reason. The word “nationalism” didn’t usually have racist connotations until this asshole got into office. Trump was, after all, supported by every white nationalist/supremacist group across the board. So, the word has been co-opted.

“Bringing the word “Nationalism” back into the mainstream – great job by Rich Lowry!” Trump tweeted. “Very important book.”


Twitter users responded quickly.

Then, Trump tweeted a fake news poll to prove to his fire-breathing base that Americans love him.

Can he shut the fuck up for just one day, please? Or even an hour would help. And we get it, Trump is worried so he is feeding his base red meat again. This is the same base that was so angry that America elected its first black president that they elected a racist piece of shit just to own the libs.

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