Trump Just Tried To Defend His Decision To Withdraw From Syria “It’s Not Our Problem,” Also Says Kurds Are “No Angels”

He is sickening. Downright sickening.

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It’s no secret at this point that Donald Trump has really and truly shit the bed when it comes to one of this nation’s most sacred allies — the Kurds.

In what seemed to be nothing more than a split-second decision and a back door favor to Vladimir Putin, Trump pulled US troops from the border between Syria and Turkey, literally on a dime, essentially giving the Turkish government the green light to attack the group of people that loyally fought alongside our country to defeat ISIS for well over a decade. And attack them they did.

Chances are you’ve seen the multiple different videos floating around social media at this point and “heartbreaking” doesn’t even begin to touch it as a proper descriptor for what’s taking place right now. Kurds are literally losing their lives at record-breaking rates, in what can only be described as a brutal and sickening blood bath, and thanks to Donald Trump the United States has been made to look like a backstabbing, untrustworthy, and downright shitty ally. Because, let’s face it, we are at this point.


Of course, Donald has found himself on the receiving end of quite a bit of flack, even from some of his staunchest supports, after he effectively made us all look like big, fat betrayers. In an attempt to clean up his mess and hopefully avoid the likes of Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell sealing his impeachment fate, Donald tried to send his VP Mike Pence over to Turkey today to smooth things over and urge a ceasefire from the Turkish president.

Now, Trump’s attempt at sending Pence to do his dirty work didn’t ultimately work out very well for him, as the Turkish president outright refused to meet with America’s VP.

However, after Trump’s recent statements regarding out allies, the Kurds, it doesn’t seem that Donald is actually concerned about their well-being at all — he just doesn’t want to be booted.

Donald is participating in a joint press conference with the Italian president Mattarella today. According to White House correspondent Mark Knoller, Trump is still finding a way to defend his decision to essentially kill thousands of Kurds.

“We are not a policing agent. It is time for us to go home,” Knoller quotes Trump stating during a photo with Italy’s president. “If Turkey goes into Syria it is between Turkey and Syria. It’s not our problem.”

It was then reported that Trump took his bullshit a step further when he attempted to defend his decision to pull troops from the border, claiming that it was better to sanction the country of Turkey than to continue fighting in the area.

According to multiple reports, Trump stated, “All American soldiers are away from the site. Syria and Turkey can fight… They’ve got a lot of sand over there… There’s a lot of sand that they can play with.”

“They are no angels, by the way,” Donald said, disgustingly describing the Kurdish people while falsely claiming that they were “much safer” after his decision to pull out US troops.

You can watch a clip of Trump’s statement here:

You can also watch the clip of the CNN segment cover Trump’s comments here:

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