Trump Just Falsely Claimed He Was Honored As “Man Of The Year” In Michigan Ahead Of Visit To The State

Lying to impress people he doesn't even care about. Pathetic.

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As we’ve covered in previous entries here at Political Tribune, Donald Trump is a man of habit, whose stories are limited and inclusive only of those that make him look the best when he tells them publicly. As a result, most Americans are already familiar with Trump’s self-aggrandizing stories, like the uncle at Thanksgiving who tells you for the eleventh year in a row about the game-winning touchdown in 1981 against the team from the other side of the river.

Today Americans were treated to one such story for at least the third time.

Back in 2016, prior to the election, Trump told a story at a rally in Sterling Heights, Michigan, regaling the crowd with tales of an award he’d won in the state half a decade prior:


I’ve been fighting for the car industry for years. I was honored five years ago. Man of the Year in Michigan. That was a great honor for me.”

Then last August, Trump resurrected the claim at another rally in New Hampshire:

When I was named Man of the Year, I wasn’t even political. That was years before I did this. But I was always complaining that our car business is being stolen.”

Today at the White House, in anticipation of another visit he’s planning to a Ford factory in Ypsilanti, Michigan that’s been converted for the manufacture of ventilators, Trump couldn’t help but bring up the long-debunked story just one more time:

Now, I can’t make you click the link in that tweet, but I can at least tell you it leads to a thorough debunking of the claim, which points out that literally no media outlet anywhere at any time has ever been able to find any record whatsoever of such an award even existing, let alone of Trump somehow receiving it.

If you knew someone this pathetic in real life, you’d never speak to them again, and that’s a fact. It’s too bad we have such a narcissist running the country. I think he’s actually replaced the memory of whatever did happen the night he thinks he won that award with shaking hands, perhaps getting a plaque that he can no longer find among the boxes and boxes of awards he’s gotten over the years… I imagine he thinks it really did happen.

“I remember so well.”

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