Trump Just Claimed The Media Wouldn’t Cover A 700-Person Plane Crash Unless He Was Involved

I feel like 'megalomaniacal' is an understatement here.

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Trump is currently in the middle of a three-day rally bonanza, in which he plans to hold three MAGA rallies in just as many days across the nation.

Last night, we were subjected to the clusterfuckery that was his Colorado Springs shindig, where he put his crazy on full display for all the word to bear witness to. Now, on day two of the mini MAGA “tour” Trump is holding a matinee rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, riding the coattails of this week’s Democratic debate in the same city.

After all that debauchery in Colorado Springs last night, we were beginning to wonder if it could possibly get much worse in regard to the president — or if his manic craziness had perhaps finally reached a plateau of some sort.


But within moments of this afternoon’s kick-off, we were quickly reminded that there really is no plateau in Donald’s speed-fried brain. It can always get worse.

It didn’t take long at all for Trump to start in on his typical disparaging of the media — a habit he’s turned into somewhat of a ritual at this point at every single one of these events.

In the course of his attack, Donald’s ego seemed to swell to never-before-seen proportions when he made the claim that the media is so worked up over him that they wouldn’t even cover a 700-person plane crash unless he was involved in it.

“If an aeroplane goes down with 700 people, they don’t cover it,” Trump proclaimed from the stage. “If it’s not Trump-related, they don’t cover it.”

“It’s gotta be Trump or Trump-related,” he continued. “So the plane goes down and it’s total devastation! If a ship goes down, if the Titanic equivalent went down they wouldn’t cover it unless I was on the sucker.”

I’m not going to incite any violence here, folks. But let me just say this. If a plane were to crash and Donald Trump just so happened to be a passenger on it — you can bet your ass all of us over here in media-land would be scrambling to cover it. He’s got that right.

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