Trump Just Attacked Nancy Pelosi On Twitter, Says There Might Be “Something Wrong With Her Upstairs” And Calls For Prayer

Absolutely incredible.

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“Today was the day Donald Trump finally became President.”

That’s the running joke from one of my favorite tweeters. She sends out that same tweet every time Trump has a particularly bad or insane or productively crazy day, one where he admits to a crime or heinously mangles some historical fact or spells a commonly-used word so wrong it makes you wonder if he sucked all the nitrous oxide out of his dentist’s tank before he fired it off in a terse tweet about the economy or witch hunts or Liddle’ Adam Schiff.


But readers, today was that day. I may have to write to Megan and tell her to retire the bit in glory and much-needed rest, because if that’s the phrase we’re going to ironically assign to Trump fucking up everything he touched on a particular day, then today he finally became President.

It wasn’t just the wild presser with the President of Italy. It wasn’t just the meeting with Democrats that went quickly and completely off the rails when he found out that even Republicans had betrayed him on a vote in the House about his Syria decision. It wasn’t even the copies of the letter he handed out to reporters to let them know how tough he was on Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, but which instead painted him as a writer in the caliber of a drunken 9-year-old, although that nearly broke my spirit today.

It’s where he went when he was through with the whole affair.

At 8 PM Eastern, when most folks are having or have had dinner, are perhaps settled in to watch the news or surf the web or binge on some streaming shows, and following a day of absolute insanity from Trump himself, the President tweeted that it was, in fact, Nancy Pelosi who needed help, as she was a “very sick person” who quite possibly was mentally ill.

He said that about HER. After the day he’s had.

Congratulations, Mr. President. You did it. You finally earned every ounce of scorn any thinking person can muster.

Featured image via official White House Twitter feed

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