Trump Just Admitted During His Speech That He Cheats People Out Of Deals

Maybe he should've left that part out.

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Donald Trump likes to tout the idea that he’s a “master negotiator.” But when it comes down to actually negotiating anything, well, he has yet to actually do it successfully. So far, he’s declared two national emergencies, caused the longest government shutdown in the history of America, pissed off North Korea in a bad way, torn up the Iran deal to the horror of our nation’s allies, and caused China to impose astronomical tariffs. To say the least, his “master” negotiating skills leave a lot to be desired.

But lately, Donald has been catching an absolute boatload of hell over the China situation, and rightly so. He’s basically instigated an all-out trade war. But of course, he’s been all over social media and harping in relentless speeches in an attempt to make everyone believe that nothing is his fault — which is what he was trying to do today. In the course of his address where he tried to place the blame everywhere but on his shoulders, however, Trump ended up admitting that his “master” negotiating skills really just boil down to being a cheat that backs out at the last minute.

“We actually had a deal and they broke it,” the president said, speaking on the current situation with China. “Okay? I mean I’m used to that. I’ve done it many times myself. But we had a deal and they broke it.”


“I try to do it a little bit nicer. I try to take the lumps out, you know?” Trump stated on the way he screws people over. “Kind of nice and easy. Let’s have dinner. Let’s talk about it.”

So, he wines and dines you before he screws you? More than we expected from him, honestly. I would’ve guessed he’s the type to leave at 2 AM and block you on Tinder.

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