Trump Jr. Responds To His Book Losing The Number One Spot On NYT Bestsellers List, Appears To Attack His Competitor

I've been waiting for this Twitter tantrum all day.

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Donald Trump and his eldest son and namesake, Donald Trump Jr. have spent the past several days ignoring their typical disdain for the New York Times while they’ve bragged about Junior’s book, Triggered,  hitting number 1 on the Times’ bestseller list.

Now, it’s worth noting here that Junior’s title in that coveted spot on the list was not without a little dagger symbol at the bottom to indicate that *someone* (or a few someones) had purchased large quantities of the book in bulk — i.e. Daddy Donald and the RNC — to help catapult his work into the top position.

But the Trump family’s newfound admiration for the popular publication was rather short-lived, as was his top spot on their bestseller list, after Junior’s book was quickly beat out by its antithesis — the tell-all book, A Warning, penned by an anonymous former or current Trump administration official, the very same who authored an explosive op-ed for the Times that detailed the secret resistance inside Trump’s White House, that spilled the beans on the inner workings of Donald Trump and his administration.


The news of Junior’s dethroning made its way around social media rather quickly this morning and the fact that the new champion didn’t have a dagger symbol beside its title certainly wasn’t ignored.

While daddy did more than a little to ensure that his spoiled rotten, waste of a good trust fund spawn got his name to the top, the highly Trump-critical book’s success was born purely of this nation’s deep disdain for the “president.”

And frankly, Junior ain’t happy about it.

I’ve been waiting all day to see what Donald’s eldest son had to say about his defeat and I ultimately got precisely what I was expecting when Junior took to his Twitter account to issue a response in the form of an attack against his competitor.

“Unlike books written by anonymous writers or disgruntled staff, my #1 best seller has my name attached to it! Have you gotten your copy yet?” Junior’s tweet read, accompanied by a link to purchase the book as well as a photo of it with a caption reading “Black Friday,” indicating that it was likely on sale.

Again, while Junior’s book does have his name attached to it, it also has that pesky little indicator that not very many individuals actually bought the damn thing.

So, naturally, it didn’t take long at all for Twitter users to chime right in:

Poor little snowflake.

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