Trump Jr. Just Referred To Congresswomen As “The Hamas Wing Of Congress” During Latest Speech

What a dumpster fire.

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Donald Trump’s oldest son — his namesake — has been working as a stand-in for his dad wherever possible on the campaign trail both for his father and for other Republicans whose campaigns are regarded as not necessarily in the bag. That’s pretty standard practice — Eric and Ivanka make appearances, and Melania would as well if her English was slightly less accented. In fact, I’m not hating on the Trumps for doing what Michelle Obama did, or Bill Clinton when Hillary was running, or Jill Biden, or any number of spouses and relatives who have helped campaigns in which they weren’t the candidate.

But holy cow, are the Trumps bad at it. I’ve seen Ivanka campaign for someone on women’s rights the same day her dad came out for some draconian oppression bill in the Deep South. I’ve seen Eric use anti-Semitic slurs on live television. And now I’ve seen Don Junior call sitting members of Congress terrorists.


That’s the President’s son calling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar the “Hamas Wing” of Congress. Now, to me, that doesn’t actually mean “terrorists,” since Hamas is a legitimately elected political party that governs Gaza — but Junior means terrorists. Hamas is meant to evoke images of terror when used by the right, just like his invocation of “socialism” at the end of the clip, which is meant to make people think of Venezuela or “national socialists” if the conservative using the word is being particularly historically dishonest.

I think, though, that the thing that sickens me the most about seeing Trump’s family out there stumping for Republicans — and to be honest, I’m not even sure who the “Dan” is that he’s campaigning for in this video — is that all of them, dad included, used to be Democrats. They would all be Democrats again if that made them popular. Not a single one even HOLDS a political position on anything, because they just don’t care about anything but money.

To see Junior casually throwing around terms that he knows endanger the lives of those women in Congress, when he doesn’t even have political convictions, is absolutely disgusting.

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