Trump Is Reportedly Going To Be Banned From “Club” Of Former Presidents For Committing “Cardinal Sins” Such As Trashing Obama And George W. Bush

You know he's going to throw a fit about this even though he only has himself to blame.

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President Donald Trump’s unacceptable behavior in office may have gotten him barred from becoming a member of one of the most exclusive clubs in the country. And we all know how desperate Trump is to be part of exclusive clubs.

Unfortunately for Trump, the “Former Presidents Club” is poised to exclude him as a member once he leaves office.

The club, as the name suggests, is made up of living former presidents and currently includes Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter. The club had included former President George H. W. Bush until his death in 2018.


And while presidents who leave office usually become immediate members of the club, Trump has apparently broken one too many of the club’s rules to be included.

A new book by Andersen Brower explains that Trump has forced current members to speak out against him and his draconian policies, something former presidents usually do not do. And they all usually get along with each other.

According to The Daily Mail:

The book describes how before Trump, all the ex-Presidents got along out of respect for the institution of the Presidency.

Their unofficial rules included: honor a shared history, don’t under any circumstances criticize the incumbent; respect the office and one another; don’t be too proud to ask for help; come together for celebrations; unite in tragedy and respect the White House.

Trump threw all of that out the window.”

Indeed, Trump hurled racist attacks at Obama when he held the office and has continued to viciously attack him as president, including the invention of the “Obamagate” conspiracy falsely accusing Obama of committing treason.

It’s disgraceful. In fact, Trump has launched attacks against every living former president. Another recent attack came against former President George W. Bush just for releasing a message of hope and unity in the midst of the pandemic.

Along with Trump’s insults, he has also refused to reach out to any of his predecessors for help or advice. Thus, it’s unlikely the club will allow Trump to join them since he is so toxic.

The book notes it is ‘extraordinary’ that Trump has not leaned on his predecessors for advice and ‘even the worst, most strained’ relationship of previous presidents was not like this’.

His ‘scorched earth path he’s chosen has made it impossible to maintain friendships, or even civility with the men who once occupied the Oval Office’. There has always been intense partisanship in politics but before Donald Trump there was also a chance for real connection and empathy,’ the book states.

As a result Andersen Brower writes that Trump will ‘not receive a warm welcome’ once he leaves office, and the coldness is mutual.”

And because Trump won’t be invited to join this club, he will whine about it until he becomes a member of the dead presidents club — and it’s pretty safe to say that most Americans are ready for him to join that one.

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