Trump Is Asked About Comments Obama Made In Eulogy For John Lewis: “He Did A Bad Job For Minorities. I Did Much More For Minorities Than He Did”

What a ludicrous thing to say.

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After the memorial for Congressman and civil rights activist John Lewis on Thursday, the internet was abuzz with the various eulogies given by current members of Congress, former presidents, old friends, and family members for the legendary MLK contemporary who managed to shine a light on race relations in America for nearly 60 years.

But one person was overtly absent from the ceremony: President Donald Trump.

Whether that was through an omitted invitation or his own disrespect and lack of desire to attend, his presence was auspiciously felt — the whole thing was beautiful and went off without a hitch. Perhaps those in charge of organizing the event knew that Trump would somehow find a way to weave into any speech he gave his traditional talking point of how much more he’s done for Black people than any other president.


But honestly, no one was going to keep him from that. In fact, it took one short day before he found a way to compare himself to Obama, who gave a moving tribute and a call to action at Lewis’ funeral, on the topic of policy benefiting minorities.

Today on the White House lawn, a reporter brought up President Obama, after Obama had seemingly targeted Trump during the eulogy he gave, and Trump couldn’t help but tear down his predecessor and build himself up. The reporter asked him, “Your reaction to President Obama? He said that you’re targeting minorities and attacking voting rights.”

Trump didn’t miss a beat:

Well, he did a bad job for minorites, I did much more for minorities than he did. And if you look at our numbers prior to the plague coming in — and those numbers will soon be back — you’ll see I did a much better job than Obama did by far, for African-Americans, for Asian-Americans, for women, for any group you look at. Far better than Obama did.”

A hundred percent of that is, of course, horseshit, if you’ll allow the discourteous language. In fact, for Trump to say such a thing in the same span of a week that he rolled back housing protections for minority renters and homeowners is perhaps the height of, if not irony, at least indecency.


Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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