Trump In Sheer Panic As His Nemesis Raises Support To Publish His I.Q. Results: “We deserve to know”

This is really the LAST thing Trump would want to get out — he barely knows how to read!

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Donald Trump is having a hell of a time lately as his scandals and investigations continue to blow up in his face on a daily basis. One person in particular that has made his life a living nightmare is Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti — the man who has relentlessly gone after Trump and made it his mission to hold Trump accountable far better than any Republican.

Today, Avenatti was busy destroying the president on Twitter when he made a terrifying suggestion to America. In a powerful tweet, Avenatti called for all presidential candidates — including Trump — to submit to a mandatory intelligence test. Avenatti tweeted:

Why shouldn’t all presidential candidates have to take the Wonderlic or a similar test and have the results published? This should be required in 2020 for all (inc Mr. Trump). We deserve to know the intelligence level of the person who wants to be our president (a big factor)!”


The I.Q. test Avenatti is referring to, the Wonderlic, is an intelligence test that is often used when hiring people. Wonderlic’s website boasts that “Organizations large and small trust our scientifically validated tests to make informed selection decisions.” There is no reason why America should not be using this test for the most important role in the country.

Trump, who has bragged about being a “stable genius” several times while trashing others for having a “low IQ,” should have no problems submitting to such a test when he has the nerve to tweet nonsense like this:

But since we all know that Trump is nowhere near as intelligent as he believes he is, it will cause the president to have many sleepless nights if this idea catches on. It’s particularly troubling for Trump because it is coming from Avenatti, whom Trump is so terrified of. Avenatti is one of the few Trump critics that the president has never dared to attack, despite how many times Avenatti has attacked him. See for yourself:

Trump knows he’s in trouble whenever Avenatti tweets or speaks in public, and he does his best not to p*ss the aggressive lawyer off. Trump knows Avenatti could destroy him with or without an intelligence test — but Trump will be devastated if the entire country finds out just how stupid he is.

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