Trump Has Reportedly Named Eric’s Brother-In-Law As The New Deputy Chief Of Staff At NASA

The nepotism is strong with this one.

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We’ve known from the get-go that the Trump administration is positively dripping with nepotism from every branch of that family tree.

The only Trump child that has yet to land a solid gig from their daddy’s presidency is Barron, and that’s only because the kid just isn’t old enough yet.

Just a quick glance at Ivanka’s shiny new résumé since daddy got the keys to the White House is more than enough proof that the Trump’s aren’t actually mad at nepotism at all, they’re just mad at the Bidens for beating them.


However, it seems their nepotistic ways have now begun to branch out of their immediate family tree and down into the bushes, as Trump just appointed one of his son’s brothers-in-law to another government position.

Eric Trump’s brother-in-law, Lara’s brother, Kyle Yunaska was recently appointed to the post of Deputy Chief of Staff at NASA by Donald Trump.

Granted, Kyle does have more qualifications going for him than most of the Trump administration, given that he has a degree in physics, but his résumé still isn’t screaming NASA by any stretch of the means. Not to mention the whole keeping in the family nonsense.

The original NASA statement, according to, reads:

Yunaska has joined NASA after holding various positions at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Most recently, he served as Director of the National Laboratory Operations Board — a group organized to strengthen and enhance the partnership between DOE and the National Laboratories. In this role, Yunaska joined the DOE Space Coordination Group, which directs and organizes space related efforts across the Department with external stakeholders.

Yunaska also served as the Principal Deputy Director and Chief of Staff for DOE’s Office of Policy and held several advisory roles throughout the Department. Prior to his work at DOE, Yunaska held a range of positions at various academic, nonprofit, and private sector organizations.”

To say the least, people aren’t impressed with the growth in the Trump monarchy:

It’s crystal clear at this point that Donald Trump wants nothing more than for his family to run this nation into the ground for the rest of eternity.

Keep that in mind come November.

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