Trump Goes On Tuesday Twitter Rampage, Unleashes Attacks On British PM, Ambassador, Calling Them “Foolish, Stupid”

Someone said he was acting like a child, so he proved them right.

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We’ve all seen Donald Trump go on tirades on Twitter first thing in the morning a million times and it always means he’s got his undies in a bunch over the way someone’s treated him, or if he thinks someone else is winning the PR battle in a news cycle — it’s always about his fragile ego being bent, damaged, or broken.

This time, however, it almost feels personal, although it’s hard to tell whether Donald actually considers other humans “persons” enough to get personal.

After Trump was widely ridiculed over leaked international messages between a British Ambassador and his home country which depicted the President as essentially a childish moron, he immediately set about to prove it, issuing a tweet on Monday attacking that Ambassador and the United States’ longtime ally, Britain:


That was the first indicator that Trump’s feelings were hurt by the secretive cables, which portrayed him exactly the way that everyone except his supporters understands the entire world views him. But he clearly was still quite upset when he hopped back on his social media account on Tuesday to repeat — and amplify — his attacks on British officials:

Trump even capped off the attack with another bizarre, third-person, self-congratulating message of “thanks” for his own leadership. Like a bull in a China shop, Trump has plowed through international diplomatic relationships one after another, seemingly determined to show off America’s metaphorical dick size to the world.

Well, I don’t know about you, but he certainly doesn’t speak for me.

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