Trump Goes On Friday Twitter Bender, Attacks “Fake News” Over Iran, Immediately Contradicts Himself

He can't even keep his stories straight.

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If there’s anything Donald Trump does well, it’s a Twitter tantrum. His ability to pack an insane amount of nonsense into 280 characters is unrivaled. He’s taken to his Twitter account to pitch a fit over everything from the Mueller report to the firefighter’s union, and everything in between. But one of his most favorite targets is the “fake news.”

This morning, Trump has taken to his Twitter page to launch yet another attack on what he deems as “fake news” for the media’s reporting on his chaotic and hair-brained approach to negotiations with Iran — and then immediately turned around to completely contradict himself by claiming that it’s good to create confusion.

“The Fake News Media is hurting our Country with its fraudulent and highly inaccurate coverage of Iran,” the president’s tweet began. “It is scattershot, poorly sourced (made up), and DANGEROUS.”


Yet, in the very same breath that he claimed the media’s reporting of his administration’s Iran policy is “DANGEROUS,” he went on to argue that the coverage was actually a good thing, and the confusion may help him keep Iran disconcerted.

“At least Iran doesn’t know what to think, which at this point may very well be a good thing!” his tweet ended.

Dozens of recent reports have all pointed to a serious uproar within Trump’s administration over the deal with Iran. Even Donald himself is vexed over the situation because he feels that his national security advisor is trying to induce military conflict with Tehran.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that he wants to reach an agreement with Iran, yet he pulled the country out of a previous nuclear agreement that had been negotiated by his predecessor and is now seemingly making a habit of ripping up proposed deals without some much as an air of concern.

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