Trump Goes On Father’s Day Rant On Twitter, Attacks His “Vicious” Critics

He couldn't just let America have one decent holiday.

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I guess it just wouldn’t be a national holiday without President Donald Trump there to ruin it for us first thing in the morning with some tweet reminding us that an insane fascist dictator with a micropenis-sized chip on his shoulder is running the country.

We’ve now watched him make International Women’s Day about himself, Veterans’ Day about himself — how many more holidays that are exactly the opposite of what he is can he turn into some ego-stroking comedy bit?

Turns out, at least one more.


Now, I’m a dad, and maybe it’s because I’m not a veteran or a woman or any of the others who are supposed to be celebrated when the President takes over their day and makes it about himself, but this one really offends me. And I’m not into that whole fallacy of “this is what a dad is like,” because all dads are different, but I do know some things that real dads don’t do.

Dads don’t ignore their youngest child literally 95 percent of the time. Dads don’t forget to wish their children happy birthday on Twitter when Twitter is their primary form of communication with the world. Dads don’t encourage their children to commit crimes. Dads don’t simply ignore nearly two dozen charges against them of sexual impropriety and then applaud the “women’s empowerment” work their daughter does.

Dads don’t make the world wonder whether there is lust in their heart for their own child.

Real dads don’t actively work to make the future worse for their children by rolling back environmental regulations, weakening the public school system, dismantling social norms, threatening war with multiple nations, putting incompetent assholes in charge of major regulatory agencies, and silencing anyone who tries to talk about any of it.

A real dad doesn’t set an example for his kids that it’s okay to steal from your work and then just gaslight everyone when you don’t want to face the consequences of your terrible decisions.

His “vicious critics” are right: Donald Trump is worse than a deadbeat dad. He’s actually around, and that sucks even more.

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