Trump Goes On Curse-Filled Rant During Latest Speech Over Reports That His Administration Is In Turmoil

Donald is breaking out the dirty words.

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Earlier today President Donald Trump used his Twitter account to attack the “fake news” that keeps reporting on his absolute mess of an administration (and promptly contradicted his own words in the same tweet). It seems that his social media attack wasn’t enough for him, though. So he launched yet another attack on the media this afternoon is a speech, complete with profanity.

Donald whined and moaned that the press doesn’t give him credit for “anything” in a speech to the National Association of Realtors in Washington, D.C., and then proceeded to bash and berate the press for reporting on the happenings of this nation because they don’t paint him in a very flattering light.

Trump proceeded to blame his bad Twitter habits and outlandish speeches on the press, saying that the media’s portrayal of him has forced him to go with different sources — “do speeches and go with our social media stuff.”


“The fake news, they put out messages that I’m angry with my people. I’m not angry with them,” he stated.

“They make it sound like it’s a conflict. I was thinking today, gee, what must our adversaries think? And then I look and say it’s probably a good thing because they’re saying, ‘Man, I don’t know where these people are coming from.'”

Trump’s biggest outcry though, seemed to be the use of confidential sources in news outlet reporting, which he seems to believe just don’t exists at all. Evidently, it worked him up so much that he found it necessary to use profanity.

“There is no source. The person doesn’t exist. The person is not alive. It’s bullshit, okay? It’s bullshit!” he yelled.

This speech turned out like most typical Trump speeches do — a nearly incoherent rambling from the president himself complete with nonsense and an array of facial expressions that would rival even the best of street mimes.

You can watch the video here:

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