Trump Finally Responds To The Devastating Fires In California, Blames Governor For Not “Cleaning” Forest Floors

What an absolute freak.

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Donald Trump has stayed unusually quiet while one state has been ablaze, and he appears to have forgotten that he’s the “president” of all the states. Trump never takes the blame for anything ever, even while he has failed to address the devastating fires in California.

Of course, if such devastation happened in a state such as Mississippi, Trump would address it immediately and release financial aid to the state. But, since the Democratic governor has been a critic of this “president” and his “administration,” Trump is now threatening to cut off any federal financial assistance.

Trump took to his Twitter account, while obviously not at church on Sunday morning, to unleash a series of tweets to blame California Gov. Gavin Newsom for the state’s spate of forest fires while threatening to cut off federal relief dollars.


Trump seems to be totally unaware that the vast majority of forest land in California is on federal land, meaning that the “president” cannot blame the state. Trump has to know this because he’s been called out on it before. Trump just mindlessly spews out false information, either intentionally, or because he’s a dumbfuck.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Kincade fire north of San Francisco is the largest active blaze. It has burned  77,758 acres since it began last month and it has been contained by 74 percent at this point.

Americans are seeing their homes destroyed while their “president” threatens to withhold badly needed financial aid. Trump is not a “president.” He’s a mistake.

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