Trump Doubles Down On COVID-19 Medicine Claims, Gets Fact-Checked By A Physician In Real Time

This has gotten dangerous at this point!

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Donald Trump has had a nasty habit of spreading a slew of misinformation regarding the novel, potentially deadly coronavirus that’s currently wreaking havoc on our nation.

When it comes down to it, Trump doesn’t much care about what’s true and safe or what’s not, he just wants people to believe the things that paint him in the most flattering light possible in the midst of this crisis of his own making — because, let’s face it, if Trump and his administration had listened to the experts months ago when they were warned that this pandemic was coming, we may not be in a complete state of mayhem right now.

But because the president of our nation is evidently a sadistic psychopath, his only really concern is how this catastrophe can benefit him. In the end, Trump wants to be a hero without actually putting in any hero work.


As a result, Donald has been peddling false claims regarding popular drugs used in the treatment of malaria as a treatment of COVID-19, despite the fact that he’s been pretty brutally fact-checked regarded the medication more than once now — by the FDA as well as Dr. Fauci, both of which have clarified that the drug is subject to research and testing and cannot yet be labeled as an efficient treatment for coronavirus.

Still, Trump keeps trucking on with his nonsense on Twitter.

It seems that one Twitter user who’s also a “blue check” physician, wasn’t having Trump’s attempts to dupe the public once again, and ended up handing the president a third fact-check in realtime:

This goes above and beyond making Trump look like the idiot he is at this point. What he’s doing is not only wrong, it’s dangerous, in a time where people are scared to death and grasping onto every shred of hope they can find.

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