Trump Cut Fauci Off To Override Him On COVID-19 Drug

Why is he even showing up to these things?!

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Despite all the efforts made by multiple different entities to try to stanch the flow of misinformation regarding coronavirus, it seems that no one anywhere has yet gained the ability to stop the influx of garbage that’s spewing from the president’s mouth on a daily basis now.

Since Donald Trump finally realized this “seasonal flu” that would be gone in a matter of a few days has actually turned into a worldwide pandemic that’s killing thousands, taking over the United States, crashing the stock market, and flushing his last hopes for a second term in the White House, he’s been holding daily press briefings to address a country full of people who are now using their time in quarantine to come up with a list of things that would better serve us in this pandemic that Trump has.

My list so far consists of warm coleslaw, a wet paper towel, a brown paper bag, a reincarnated Anton LaVey with Kenneth Anger as his Vice President (everyone will have to wear rainbow “Lucifer Rising” bomber jackets for the foreseeable future), that guy in mall parking lots wearing a trenchcoat full of fake Rolexes, and the coronavirus itself. I’m still working on it.


But until then, we’re forced to endure the word salad that is Trump’s daily pressers — chock full of little rotten tomatoes of lies.

Yesterday, Trump found himself pretty brutally fact-checked by the FDA shortly after he attempted to claim during his briefing that a popular malaria drug had been approved for COVID-19 treatment.

Today, it seemed as though he was attempting to get out ahead of that happening a second time around when he literally cut off Dr. Anthony Fauci during this afternoon’s presser to override a professional regarding another possible drug treatment.

Fauci was called to the podium by a reporter to address claims that the anti-malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, was effective against COVID-19.

Fauci admitted that the drug was under clinical trial to treat the new virus, but reiterated something similar to the FDA’s statement from yesterday by reminding us that it’s subject to research and reports were only “anecdotal” at this point.

But surprise, surprise… Trump wasn’t having that. He actually cut into the question that wasn’t even asked of him to hype the drug.

“I think without saying too much, I’m probably more of a fan of that than — maybe than anybody, but I’m a big fan. We will see what happens. We all understand what the doctor said is 100 percent correct. It’s early, but I have seen things that are impressive,” Trump interjected.

One reporter piped in that the drug was “fairly effective” against SARS, but Fauci was quick to respond that “You have to be careful when you say fairly effective. It was never done in a clinical trial.”

Trump went on to poke his nose where it doesn’t belong, claiming that the federal government had already ordered millions of units.

“I will say that I am a man that comes from a very positive school when it comes to in particular one of these drugs. We will see how it works out. I’m not saying it will, but I think people may be surprised. By the way, that would be a game-changer,” Donald continued.

Frankly, it does no good for social media platforms to limit misinformation if it’s going to come straight from the horse’s mouth anyway.

You can watch the clip here:

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