Trump Curses At Democrats Over Impeachment Inquiry During Louisiana Rally

Well, that didn't take long!

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If for some reason you’re subjecting yourself to the fresh hell that is Donald Trump’s second rally in the past two days now — first, let me apologize.

Whatever your reasoning for it may be, I hope you’re fully stocked in Advil and hard liquor, because this one’s not a bit better than the last. Though, surely at this point in this nearly 3-year-long clusterfuck, you didn’t really expect it to be.

So far, this thinly-veiled KKK rally is turning out pretty much exactly like last night’s. Donnie has spent a good bit of time launching into a hairbrained attack against the “fake news” media, ranting and raving about the red lights on their cameras. He’s gone off on his typical tangents about “Sleepy” Joe Biden and his son Hunter, complete with rambunctious shouts of “WHERE’S HUNTER?!” He’s fallen back on his age-old racist “Pocahontas” insults against Elizabeth Warren because she’s quickly gaining on him in the polls and nothing scares him more than a powerful woman.


(Seriously, someone please dress up like Elizabeth Warren and trick or treat the White House this Halloween, because I swear, I’d pay good money to see that shit.)

He’s even fallen back on his same tactic from the night before in which he rather awkwardly and uncomfortably impersonates a seemingly sexual text message exchange between  Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

And in keeping with the spirit of last night’s rally, Donald wasted no time in getting to the profanity portion of his speech.

Last night, Trump’s cursing was aimed directly at his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, who he claimed was only a good vice president because he “understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass.”

But tonight, Trump broadened his scope a little further when he cussed out the Democratic party as a whole.

While speaking on the impeachment inquiry that’s currently open against him, Trump exclaimed, “Democrats’ policies are crazy, their politicians are corrupt, their candidates are terrible and they know they can’t win on election day so they’re pursuing an illegal, invalid, and unconstitutional, bullshit impeachment!”— which, of course, spurred his crowd of Kool-aid drinkers into a round of rambunctious cheers.

Because, you know, when all else fails — start cussing like a dog.

You can watch the clip here:

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