Trump Congratulates Japan’s PM For Canceling Olympics Just One Day After Saying He Wants To Reopen US For Easter

Maybe try following his lead instead of just being weird, Donnie?

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In case you hadn’t noticed, this whole coronavirus ordeal has taken Donald Trump’s crazy to an entirely new level — and we didn’t even think that was possible at this point.

Of course, it could be due to the fact that he’s literally all but killing thousands of people every day as he continues to refuse to respond to the deadly virus in a way that’s even remotely sufficient, but honestly, I’m leaning a whole lot harder towards the stock market crash and the ever-dwindling chances at reelection as the source of his manic behavior.

Either way, whatever the reason may be, Trump was sure to put his nonsense on full display today in a tweet aimed towards the Prime Minister of Japan and his decision to reschedule the Olympic games for next year.


A couple of things here, folks.

First, this is the very same guy that wants the United States back to business as usual in a startling 17 days, just in time for us all to pack into churches like sickly sardines for Easter — because I guess he’s fond of the idea of spreading both the gospel and the cooties in one fell swoop.

Furthermore, I’d like to point out that Prime Minister Abe moved the event to 2021. By that time, it’s far more likely that Trump will be occupied with preparing to keep his ass out of jail since he’s no longer under the safety of the un-indictable presidency rather than yucking it up at the Olympics.

But Trump’s brain is fried with Adderall and apparently none of that is clear to him.

Kudos to Prime Minister Abe for making a good decision for his country. Now Trump just needs to follow suit instead of making weird congratulatory tweets while he simultaneously throws his country to the coronavirus wolves.

Featured image via Flickr/Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff “, under Creative Commons license 2.0″

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